What is the Best Bulk Address Verification Tool?

Do you have low conversion rates despite having an extensive mail list? Is your list growing day by day but there’s no improvement in the open rate or reply rate? If that’s the case, then you need to use a mail verification tool to check your mail list. The mailing list verification process is offered as a hosted service or software. It can weed out invalid mailing addresses and separate them from deliverable, valid ones. With it, you can ensure maximized deliverability of your mail marketing campaign and separate high-value contacts from low-quality addresses.

There are a number of reliable address verification bulk tools available on the market. Following are some recommendations:

Mail Address Verification Services

QuickmailVerification is a popular bulk mail verification service. This online service lets you verify mail addresses in bulk and real-time via REST API. It can process thousands of mailing addresses every minute in order to detect non-working/invalid mails and then provide a detailed report. It is a reliable, accurate, and fast service for bulk mailing address verification and cleaning. Its process is composed of a number of different validations from mailbox existence checking to syntax checking. Last but not least, it verifies both domestic and international B2B and B2C mails.


Founded in 2001, TowerData is another leading bulk address verification, service provider. It offers easy access to services and tools to help you kickstart your multi-channel marketing campaign. It offers real-time online address validation tool and spreadsheet processing services. The outcome will be a clean, enriched mail list, improving the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing.


BriteVerifier delivers real-time mailing address verification solutions to improve mail database deliverability, quality, and mail marketing. BriteVerify claims to be more accurate and faster than other address verification services on the market. Their developer APIs and self-service tools make it easy to get started validating both domestic and international mails. They offer free trials as well as on-demand pricing. Furthermore, there are no setup fees, minimums, or contracts, just pay as you go.


Xverifier is another popular real-time data verification service provider that specializes in address, phone, and mail verification. As soon as you input the credentials, this intelligent mail verification service instantly verifies the entered details to determine whether or not they are valid. If the details you entered are not valid, Xverify will inform you via a message in real-time. Depending on your needs for implementations, Xverifier offers both JavaScript and address verification API. No matter what you choose, you will get all mail IDs checked and validated at the server level.


These are some of the best bulk address verification tools available on the market. Smart marketers are already using these tools to validate their mailing lists to ensure the success of their marketing campaigns. By using the above-listed tools/services, you can have peace of mind that you are only sending mails to real users.